Free Download: Svper's Remezclas

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Svper, the artists formerly known as Pegasvs, are now working to keep up some of the momentum that might have been lost in the name change. What better way of rebranding yourself than by inviting some friends to rebrand your songs?

The Spanish duo has posted a five-track collection of remezclas, titled, well, remezclas. In it we have Alex Lemonade, Niño, Astro, Estrada, and Colts infusing their own flavors to Svper’s batch of synth-wielding songs. Estrada keeps it pretty minimal, while Alex Lemonade opens up the compilation with a slow-rising, big-but-spare-beat anthem. Astro, naturally, exploited the synths in “La Melodía del Afilador,” and Niño gave us a dubstep-triphop mashup for “Sol de medianoche.”

But Colts takes the cake, lifting Svper to a sound they themselves wouldn’t have explored. Colts’ version of “El Final de la Noche” embodies clubby seediness with a lot of attitude, closing out the compilation on a high note. This is my favorite type of remix, the kind that recontextualizes the song. Remixes provide the opportunity to totally transform a song in a way that still feels genuine and spontaneous. But to “remix” a track in a way that blindly continues the original’s trajectory? That feels like a missed opportunity.

Check out Svper’s remezclas below and download all but Astro’s remix.