Free Download: Systema Solar’s “La Rana” [COL]

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It may not be Earth Day but the Colombian dance crew Systema Solar have a pro-recycling message for us all. The group took to the coastal towns of Barranquilla and Santa Marta to shoot the video for “La Rana,” the second single off their upcoming sophomore album.

The video, directed by group VJ Vanessa Gocksch (a.k.a. Pata de Perro), was created to promote Mi Barrio Sin Basura, which, as you can imagine, promotes cleaner, greener communities. Systema Solar worked alongside the community of El Oasis in Santa Marta with the help of non-profit Intermundos.

The focus of the video, besides the banging, psychedelic beat, is on the recicladores, informal workers who collect and recycle trash. The band does its part by cleaning up the streets and using basura to don some sweet gafas made out of cardboard. They also visit the community of El Oasis, which is located next to a large garbage dump where recycling is the main method of survival for the residents.

It’s a thoughtful video, one to take us out of the all the Internet muck in order to focus on the real kind. Thankfully, there’s nary a white girl twerking to be seen.

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