Free Download: Tahres One's Capsulas De Tiempo EP, Hip Hop Beats and Schizophrenic Textures [MEX]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Mystery is an essential part of music, and it’s something we can be thankful for in this age of information saturation. Every once in a while, it’s good to have an artist who’s not tweeting about hitting the can.

There’s not much info online for Tahres One, but you can find plenty of its musical output, including the new Capsulas De Tiempo EP– a very peculiar project in the best ways possible. While Tahres’ sound is anchored by established sounds and patterns, most of the music here is tweaked in subtle ways; it also doesn’t revolve around melodic passages to go with the hip hop-influenced beats, rather it features schizophrenic, processed sonic textures in a claustrophobic setting. A psychiatrist would have a field day analyzing (and dancing to) this.

There are some snippets of extraterrestrial melodies that weave in and out of the blackened soundscapes, and the track “Cuadrícula 3D” even features some monotonous female vocals, giving the set some variety.

Tahres One are part of the Sonido Inconsciente label along with other Mexican mercenaries of the digital realm like System Error and Las Brisas, so you know you are in for something different. Tahres proves that music can stand on its own without showing all its cards.

Listen to Capsulas De Tiempo EP here.