Free Download: Teen Flirt's Welcome Home EP [MEX]

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This is the one we’d been waiting for. Last year, David Oranday brought us his first EP as Teen Flirt, a hybrid of tropical bass and chillwave called Promises/Float, on his own Finesse Records. Oranday seem like someone who’s definitely informed by current trends, which is hard in this era where electronic genres are here today, gone tomorrow. But incorporating them successfully into his own sound, that’s the tricky part.

On his brand new Welcome Home EP (2013, Finesse Records,) he sounds like a fresh and updated version of himself, moving to the R&B/trap territory, with romantic sensibilities. He references some other genres like hip hop, footwork, and Jersey club through some recognizable elements. I mean, “Faithful” might not be a DJ Rashad track, or he might not be channeling DJ Sliink on “Welcome Home,” but boy, he gets the vibe. Vocal duties rest on some mainstream R&B samples (T-Pain, I hear you), but he also got a little help from his buddies Denise Gutierrez from Hello Seahorse! and rapper Adán Cruz on “Her Fake Name is Sophia” and “Cheers,” respectively.

This is Teen Flirt’s home, and everyone is welcome.