Free Download: The Bright's "Hexágonos"

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Switching over to their native tongue this time around, León’s The Bright have just released the follow up to the English-heavy Soundtrack for a Winter’s Tale. “Hexágonos,” the first single off Estados, is, ironically, a song that touts its American influences in very overt ways.

The Southern twang finds a new home in singer Myriam Gutiérrez’s voice and lyrics. The guitars alternate between jangly and rough, and the fiddle channels roadhouse jamborees and deep Americana. The video, shot in León’s Las Médulas, furthers this folky agenda, as we see the Spanish duo wandering an ancient gold mine, amidst rivers and dusty soil. What’s more bluegrass than that? In the end, she’s a little bit country, he’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. Or it might be the other way around.

Regardless, download The Bright’s genre-melding “Hexágonos,” off Estados, out via Subterfuge Records.

Also watch the video for “Hexágonos” below, directed by Juan Marigorta.

[insert-video youtube=0M_yGyFWyio]