The Funerals: Dark Garage Post Punk to your Halloween Party!

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Little bit of Joy Division post punk, little bit of The Horrors neo garage rock, little bit of Count Five old school garage rock and even a little bit of Demented Are Go psychobilly… tah go! All mixed in a blender for a Funerals death rock smoothie.

“Head on Backwards” from their Dinosaur Math/Ebola Heart EP almost sounds like it could be off of the legendary Nuggets garage rock sampler. Mexico City’s The Funerals prove blues can be goth and ’66 punk is still in style. Just one more band that shows psychobilly, garage rock and punk ain’t too much different. It’s perfect for the TSOL loving garage punker in need of an inebriated shoulder shakin’ spirit fingers tunescape to a misfit’s night out on the town. Tear some shit up to The Funerals as they spin your sad, strange head on backwards…

The Funerals – Dinosaur Math/Ebola Heart EP