Free Download: The Great Wilderness' In the Hour of the Wolf LP [C.R.]

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Whereas some people like to tune into booty-bouncing-tracks on Fridays to get the weekend gears into motion, I’m more of a fatalist and think the world is about to end every other second, so this debut LP by Costa Rica’s The Great Wilderness is a nice addition to my depressing final playlist.

In the Hour of the Wolf is available on a name-your-price basis and includes nine of the group’s now-patented brooding tracks. Each song feels like a slow drip even when they’re sped up, “Blinders” being the most apt example of this. To listen to each song individually is to find something interesting, a hook, in each one. As a collection they start to transform into one another, each song extending its fingertips into the next one. I’m curious to see how they’ll progress.