Free Download: The Guadaloops' "Bella Tarde" ft. Reno 871 [MEX]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

The Guadaloops have baked a fresh new song that is sure to have people singing.

With a little help from Torreón rapper Reno 871, the Mexico City troupe have written a big R&B/hip-hop song that sounds like it could well be a big radio single. The production is bold and unashamed, everything is glossy and hooky. The chorus features an irresistible velvety voice, as the whole track swings with just the right dash of nostalgia to remind you of the ’90s when breathtaking urban singers were dropping classics like pennies in fountains.

Judging from “Bella tarde” I wouldn’t be surprised if The Guadaloops end up becoming a major production force in Latino pop. Regardless, “Bella tarde” is massive.