Free Download: The Presets’ “Fall” (DJ Erick Rincon remix)

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It’s pretty wild to see how far this kid Erick Rincon has come in just a few short years. I remember seeing his babyface in the Vice documentary about the botas picudas back in 2011. He and the boys in 3BallMTY were local celebrities back then. Where are they now? Oh, just at some little music festival in California, Coachella-something-or-other. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

In the midst of all the Coachella Music Festival craziness, Rincon has somehow had time to release a remix of The Presets’ track “Fall.” The original is some straight-up “I just popped a molly and I wanna make out with everyone” banger while Rincon’s remix feels just a tad subdued. It’s still danceable but, naturally, you’ll be swapping the molly and glowsticks for some mezcal and some pointy-ass boots.

Listen/download below.