Free Download: Timmy and the Monsters' Horror Pop EP, Nighttime [MEX]

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We like to call a lot of things “moody” and “dark” on this site. That’s because a lot of things are and we of Latino roots can be a little macabre at times (not to be too pluralist or anything). Mexican duo Timmy and the Monsters—led by Leonardo Kin Ponce and Neon WalrusAlán Santos—seems to embody our very moody tendencies in its newest EP, Nighttime, out on Sicario Music. The six-song EP pulls together modernized influences to form what the duo calls “horror pop,” a nefarious blend of new wave, synth, and good ol’ ‘80s pop.

Four tracks are original, the other two remixes. Of these, the title track, “Soul Takers,” and W.O.L.F.’s remix of “Nighttime” are available for FREE, while the other three, including a Lost Mapaches remix, are stream only.