Free Download: Trebian’s Co-Ed Duet “Modernidad” [ARG]

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For further evidence of Argentina’s music scene OTHER THAN global bass, we present Trebian. They, like their peers in Nubes En Mi Casa, create music that’s the polar opposite of all that hot/clubby shit we listen to. It’s chill, ambient, dreamy, and pretty relaxing.

Trebian, active since 2007, features singer Sofía Galarce, guitarist Raúl Tebaldi, drummer Sebastián “Chela” Arce, bassist Damián Kupchik, and singer/acoustic guitarist Martín Mikulik. They released their self-titled debut album in 2011, an acoustic, hippie affair.

Somewhere along the way the members decided to speed things up just a tad by adding an organ here and there, as well as a few extra instruments for a richer, fuller sound. The result is their second album, La Siesta De Las Bestias, released this past December. Here you’ll find the lovely and building “Modernidad,” or simply download it for FREE below.