Free Download: Univers' "Cavall Daurat" + Video [ESP]

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We missed this joint a few months ago—we’re busy people!—so we’re here to redeem ourselves. Univers is a Barcelona foursome poised to blow our minds in 2014. With two EPs under their belt and one LP on the way, Univers is the kind of band that toys with familiar sounds without inciting all that been-there-heard-that jadedness we’re prone to feel. On “Cavall Daurat,” which translated means “golden horse,” we get dirty-but-sunny jingle jangle and washed-out vocals, all edging toward total bliss. “Fuig el Diable” also champions this surf sound, leading me to believe that the great Jeff Spicoli would really dig these tunes, man. Download the two-track EP Cavall Daurat below and watch the Martín-Gutiérrez-directed clip as well.

[insert-video youtube=NdvH-EM1JSc]