Free Download: Uvilov’s “Tú eres yo” ft. Fakuta

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The track list for Uvilov’s debut LP, El Desprendimiento, reads like a who’s who of our precious Latin alt-scene. During the last two years, the Monterrey quintet drew favors from some of their brothers and sisters in arms (Fakuta, Torreblanca, Lido Pimienta, and Algodón Egipcio) to put together this 13-song proposal off Molécula Records. Uvilov tends toward the dreamier side of things, harmonizing their co-ed voices to sweet effect on some tracks, while brashly clashing on others. The reverb-heavy guitars and space-leaning synths on lead single “Círculos Concéntricos” offer us a more aggressive/faster-paced alternative to the band’s more ambient tracks.

For the visual treatment of “Círculos Concéntricos,” watch the video below, directed by Proceso Inútil, the people behind Antoine Reverb’s “You as a fish” and “Memory Interrupted,” and Bam Bam’s “Hipnódromo.” The 6-minute clip is very much in line with Proceso Inútils’ catalogue, as they explore computerized, geometric floating shapes for two minutes and then proceed to distort the already-cloaked images of Uvilov’s members.

And to further this edification process, download Uvilov’s “Tú eres yo” ft. Fakuta, exclusively here at Remezcla.

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