Free Download: Vesspa's "Espejismos" [MEX]

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DF-based band Vesspa put out their most recent single “Espejismos,” available as a free download, part of their second EP, Los Obsesivos. Produced by Phil Vinall, who has previously worked with acts such as Zoé and Le Baron, the musical comparisons are almost inevitable; nonetheless their songs have their own polished rock attitude.

“Espejismos” revolves around obsession: in the video, youngsters are caught on camera being mischievous and naughty. A love triangle unravels as the band sings about broken relationships and the difficulties of letting go the one you love.

Vesspa will be touring through Mexico during May and June, opening for Zoé on some dates. Also, this song will be featured on the soundtrack for the soon-to-be-released Mexican film Pares y Nones.

Download Vespa’s Vesspa below: