Free Download: Vetiver Bong's Cumbia Weapons Vol. 4 [MEX]

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For some, the ñu-cumbia mashup was a fad that came and went. Hipster DJs, bloggers, and bandwagon riders went bananas for it four or five years ago when it was the hot new thing to mix. And then, once the novelty factor faded, they moved on to the next electrolatin craze, namely moombahton, tribal guarachero, or whatever they’re cooking nowadays over at SoundCloud.

Others remained loyal to the hybrid genre, because they saw it as a declaration of principles, a defiance of the established aesthetic and social divisions of low-brow and high art in Latin America, and not a passing fad.

D.F.’s Vetiver Bong (a.k.a. Joaquín Rosendo) is among the second group. He was there when the scene was burgeoning and he’s still there, releasing a constant stream of mashups guapachosos.

Download his latest collection of bootlegs, Cumbia Weapons Vol. 4, and make sure to check out his previous releases as well. Ñu-cumbia might not be ñu anymore, but it’s definitely here to stay.