Free Download: Villa Diamante Remixes Argentine Greats [ARG]

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Villa Diamante (a.k.a. Diego Bulacio) is known as one of the founders of ZZK Records and a legit pioneer of the mashup in Argentina. His newest release is titled Por Amor Al Baile, a free collection of 17 tracks he put together using songs of Argentine rock, from the classics to the current.

Babasónicos, Andrés Calamaro, Gustavo Cerati, Los Auténticos Decadentes, and many more get reworked into dance-floor-friendly tracks with overlapping beats that go from cumbia to moombahton to EDM. Unlike many of his previous mashups, this new collection remains very respectful to the form and mood of the originals, without manipulating much of the songs’ structures or taking them out of context “ironically.”

It should be noted that unlike in American music, it was never a common practice in Latin American pop/rock to separately release the instrumental and vocal tracks of their songs to the public, making the process of mashing up a lot more restrictive. Still, Villa Diamante manages to conjure plenty of magical moments while giving new life to forgotten gems and making people dance to them.