Free Download: Volga Beach's "Never Cold" ft. Hawaiian Gremlins [MEX]

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The little I’ve gleaned from the Internet leads me to believe that D.F. act Volga Beach is the solo project of Santiago Padilla, Hawaiian Gremlins member. I’m unsure because information on both these acts is scant, considering their newness to the scene (and the world, actually). Seeing solo acts collaborate with their group acts is always a little jarring. It’s like when Dave Sitek records as Maximum Balloon but still invites all the TV on the Radio guys to sing on the songs. That’s just a TV on the Radio song, dude. But Volga Beach’s sound is more synth driven, lighter and warblier than Hawaiian Gremlins’ straight-up Brit-post-punk style, so the combination works well on “Never Cold.” The tropical overlay on the song ushers it through in a way that feels explored and layered. The lyrics imply that their young age can help them cheat death. I won’t mention their age because every time I do I die a little inside. Let’s just say the mid ‘90s saw the birth of a bunch of Mexican gremlins.