Free Download: WSO's "LES Artistes (by Santigold)" + Debut!

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This 11 piece band is doing something singularly unique. Mixing up their favorite indie classics with all the casual cool of that forgotten rhythm, salsa. Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra is testing culture and sounds. With all the worlds craze over cumbia in all it’s variations, it’s refreshing to see a group sticking to strictly classical compositions and using actual instruments in today electro fotter free-for-all. There’s something warm and endearing in WSO’s homey sound. Like dancing a waltz with your abuelos at their 50th anniversary in between a serious dance-off with your cousins to the cracked-out D.F. DJ’s strange transitions from modern pop. This is the kind of music that takes you back to those steamy Chicago summers down Paseo Boriqua while reminding you of the end of your college career in downstate Illinois. We’re people who constantly have our feet in two worlds and Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra proves that both those feet might be dancing to different rhythms, but that doesn’t mean the dance ain’t got style.

Stream WSO’s entire debut album below and get your “LES Artistes” free download!

Debut Album by WilliamsburgSalsaOrch