Free Download: Zutzut’s Agua Negra EP, Present-Day Future Bass [MEX]

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Ah, beautiful Monterrey, Mexico! Is there something you’re not at the forefront of? It sounds like the region’s producers have moved on from all that bota picuda insanity (admit it: it was a damn good time!) to new territories in bass.

One such producer is Zutzut, a.k.a. Alejandro Núñez Ferrara, who dropped a three-track EP of what he and his friends call “Future Bass” over the weekend. Agua Negra is a darker version of our other future-monikered hero, Future Feelings. Where FF is a disco/dance party in outer space, Zutzut provides the hyperspace soundtrack while you sit at the window and gaze at hella nebulas doing their thing.

The video for the title track was shot by Adrián Mendez, a.k.a. Mama Testa, who also did a remix of said track. The video has nothing to do with outer space. Instead, it focuses on some hypnotic visuals courtesy of some fish, black dye puncturing clear water, and Ana Arenas swaying along to the music.

Our friends at NWLA (New Weird Latin America) have the exclusive download. Swing over and get your hands on it…but stream it here first!

[insert-video youtube=gNwHru4oyoE]