Free Download: Zuzuka Poderosa's "Baile Crunk" [USA]

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Carioca-funk Brooklyn queen, Zuzuka Poderosa, does it again. She unveils her new track, “Baile Crunk,” a beautiful jewel sitting in between a crunk and funk carioca. “Baile Crunk” is drenched in up-tempo, bass-driven beats and heavy bassline with Memphis-based crunk hip-hop, causing a hypnotic effect.

It combines two worlds, two cultures, and two sounds, resulting in one song that exemplifies a hybrid identity. Aside from booty shaking and frenzied dance moves, Zuzuka Poderosa’s track promotes a cultural exchange by providing music that is culture bound and eradicates geographic boundaries. Her sound uncovers, introduces, and creates a space for carioca funk. #MUJERESRUNTHIS