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The  duo from Mendoza, Argentina has hit up major festivals this year: Coachella in California, Roskilde in Denmark, and countless cities in between, from Mexico City to Barcelona to Chicago.

With their album La Manita de Fauna, Color Kit and Catar_sys, (aka producers/MCs Federico and Christian) they not only took cumbia to the digital realm, but merged it with reggae, reggaeton IDM, jungle, breakbeats and ragga lyrics. Initially, it sounds Jamaica hot, but then you realize it is very Andes hot.

A few months ago, their label, ZZK Records opened a Fauna remix competition, and the following mixtape are the winning 10 remezclas.

La Manita de Fauna Remixes

1- Fauna – “Gauchito Gil” (Black Mandingo Bass Mix)
2- Fauna – “El Zombie” (DisqueDJ Remix)
3 – Fauna – “Las Mil Caras” (Un Mono Azul Remix)
4 – Fauna – “El 04” (Adrian Giordano Remix)
5 – Zurita – “Llega Fauna” (bmore Skank mix)
6 – Fauna – “Las Mil Caras” (Lagartijeando remix)
7 – Fauna – “El 04” (Brujjas Remix)
8 – Fauna – “Las Mil Caras” (Searchl1te rmx)
9 – Fauna – “El 04” (Senorina Remix)
10 – Fauna – “Las Mil Caras” (Roche Remix)

Upcoming Shows:

Fauna is currently in Denmark and Germany and will be doing a one-off show in Boston along with Uproot Andy and Oro11 on August 21.



Is she or isn’t she? Rumors spread like wildfire last week among blogs and escandalo TV stations wether the self-marketed “Reina de la Anarcumbia” Amandititita had married her boyfriend Ulises Lozano, keyboard/accordion player from electronic Mexican group Kinky. The latest: Amandititita says she wants to marry with Ulises before the end of the year, after she releases her second album titled La Descarada.

What we do know is that Amandititita has been working hard on the album in Los Angeles, at Kinky’s Kinkon Studio, with collaborations with Randy (Molotov), Los Pikadientes de Caborca, Grupo Fantasma (from Austin), Mister Vallenato (from LA) and more…all produced by Ulises. New track names include “Guera Televisa” (what she will never be, she sings), “Odio a mi jefe” (the first single) and “Cerebro de Caca” (our favorite so far.)

While we wait for her album to drop in November, download her hit “La Muy Muy” from her self-titled first album.

Upcoming shows:

Nothing in the US so far…but we hear Nacotheque might bring la enena across the border before her CD release.



We really wanted to post a photo of their 60s heyday but we couldn’t find a big enough image. But don’t get scared by their age and hairy outfits. These Tropicalia idols are still playing their beautiful, riveting, psychedelic hits from that era (minus original singer Rita Lee.) After 30 years apart, Os Mutantes reunited in 2006 stronger than ever, and now have announced they will release their first album in 35 years this September.

It is titled Haih and will come out on Anti Records. The Brazilian gods will also be touring in the US, and their performances are not to be missed. We had the privilege of seeing them in ’06 at New York’s Webster Hall when they were just starting their tour, and they were like kids in a candy store. So happy to be performing.

The track “A Minha Menina” is an Os Mutantes classic and you must download it now if you have any self-respect.

Upcoming Shows:

Aug 28: San Francisco – Outside Lands Music Festival

Oct 8: New York – Webster Hall

Oct 14: Ft Lauderdale – Culture Room


Aid is an 18 year old rapper from Vigo, in the western province of Galicia, Spain. According to reports, she started rapping after watching Eminem’s film Eight Mile (she was only 12 when it came out!), and has been part of a burgeoning hip hop scene in Galicia for the past few years. Her debut album (self-released) is titled Jugando and is available on iTunes.

Yes, in “Boogie Vigo,” Aid defends her right to be a girl and to rap (is this unavoidable if you’re a young women rapper?? Nina Dioz still struggles with it, although now Mala Rodriguez has enough cred to shed light on other topics.) But she also defends her right as a “hick” from the countryside of Vigo, “Boogie Vigo.” Jajaja!

Upcoming Shows:

None in our shores.