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Click on for free downloads this week from Chico Mann & Afrobeta, No Lo Soporto featuring Gustavo Cerati, Las Cafeteras and Chico Sonido, as well as their upcoming projects and tour dates.



Their last names are García, they are both cubanitos and they both bring the funky beats. They are Marquitos García (aka Chico Mann) and Cristina García (aka Cuci Amador from duo Afrobeta). After being online buddies for a while, Cuci and Afrobeta partner-in-crime Tony Smurphio came up from Miami to New York City this July for the LAMC, crossing the Hudson River to visit Marquitos at his studio in Jersey City. The resulting jam is “Summer Days,” behold the world premiere right here in Remezcla!

Today might be September 1st, but summer can always be in your heart with this jam……

Upcoming Shows:

Chico Mann: will be DJing at the Lamp Post in Jersey City, tomorrow, Wednesday September 2nd. And while some of his Antibalas bandmembers will be in the Broadway production of Fela! The Musical in New York City, Chico will be busily working on his music.

Afrobeta: In their hometown of Miami, you can find Cuci and Smurphio every Tuesday at Jazid and on September 12 at the Future Classic Festival along with N.E.R.D., Locos por Juana, Bachaco, and many more.




This trio from Buenos Aires is comprised of Naila Borensztein (vox, guitar), Lara Pedrosa (bass, vox) and Lucía Borensztein (drums). Protégés of Gustavo Cerati, they recorded their second album, Avion, in Miami and released it to great acclaim last year. The video for this track features Cerati as one of the pilots of the plane and Naila, Lara and Lucia as the “sexy air hostesses.”

Of course, Cerati just released his new album, Fuerza Natural, in Argentina, which has leaked all over the ’net and which we are all talking about. But enjoy “Nunca Iré,” which like old wine and Cerati himself, gets better with age. And these girls of NLS are goooood!

Upcoming shows:

No Lo Soporto: None in the U S of A.

Gustavo Cerati: Rumor has it the ex-Soda Stereo will kick off his Fuerza Natural Tour around November…shall we suggest No Lo Soporto as opening act? Pliiiis.



Over the course of two nights during their Mucho Wednesdays residency in June, Las Cafeteras (also spelled as L@s Cafeter@s), put on two passionate performances which were recorded by Tommy Azerian and Eugene Toale (The Glacierz, Uli and The Gringos). Originally invited by Pilar Diaz to open for her at Mucho, this son jarocho group made up of community organizers from the Eastside Cafe cultural space have garnered an enthusiastic fan base in a short time.

In fact, starting with Las Cafeteras, the Mucho Wednesdays crew is starting its own music label, Mucho Music, born out of their groundbreaking parties at La Cita in downtown Los Angeles. As Mucho founder Ricky Garay says “Captured in those recordings is the essence of those nights at Mucho Wednesdays in June. The people, the vibe, the energy, the sounds, the music; are all on that EP, and maybe even you if you were in that crowd.”

For tomorrow’s Mucho Wednesday, Las Cafeteras: Live At Mucho Wednesdays EP will be on sale for the first time, for a limited run only. But here in Remezcla, we have the honor of giving you a first taste of what Mucho and Las Cafeteras sound like with a free download of “Los Juiles”.  This is a peculiar indigenous love song from Veracruz, popularly known as ’El Pescador.’

Felicidades Mucho y Las Cafeteras!


Upcoming Shows:

Sep 2 – Los Angeles: Official CD release party and live performance at Mucho Wednesday.



We end up this week’s free downloads from another Chico, but from the other coast: California. Raul Espinosa aka Chico Sonido, moved to El-Ey from Monterrey a few years ago, and has produced music for Kinky, among many others.

Maybe because he was so involved in the birth of the current global trend of new cumbia, people would expect Chico Sonido first album to keep exploring that particular sound. However, for his debut, he decided to dig deeper into another section of the record stores: he went for Mexican 70’s funk and psychedelia. This track is off his album, out now on Kin Kon Records (Kinky’s own label.)
Read our full article and interview with Chico Sonido in our Musica Page.

Upcoming Shows:

Los Angeles: He can be found DJing at the Mas Exitos parties at Verdugo Bar.