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This and every week, Remezcla brings you the best, newest FREE music you can download straight to your computer.

Click on for free downloads this week from Babasonicos (Toy Selectah remix), Draco, Omar Garcia, and XAO Productions, as well as their upcoming projects and tour dates.




The Argentinean rock idols kicked off their US tour in Houston last week and are hitting 9 cities in 10 days. We have already gushed our love for Babasonicos ad nauseum, but just know we’re still giving out free tickets to their shows in New York, Chicago and Miami!

Microdancing” is one of the most fun tracks in los Babas last album, Mucho, and here DJ Toy Selectah gives it club feel. This remezcla has been authorized by the band, as they gave Toy this track as well as “Patinador Sagrado” so he could remix them. If anyone has a copy of “Patinador” by Toy, please send it our way!

Buy Babasonicos’ Mucho album here.

Win Tickets!

We’re giving away free tickets to several of the shows in the Mucho Tour. Click on your city for your chance to win.

NEW YORK CITY: August 27 at Highline Ballroom

CHICAGO: August 28 at Congress Theatre

MIAMI: August 29 at Kukaramakara

Full Tour Dates and Buy tickets:

August 26: Boston, MA – Middle East Downstairs
August 27: New York – Highline Ballroom
August 28: Chicago, IL – Congress Theatre
August 29: MIami, FL – Kukaramakara
October 11: Los Angeles, CA – Nokia Club with Zoe




Draco has had many lives, he’s like our boricua Madonna. Formerly known as Robi Rosa, then Draco Cornelius Rosa, and now merely Draco, this one-time Menudo member, whose 1996 album Vagabundo is as dark and weird as it has earned him die-hard fans in Puerto Rico, Brazil and across Latin America, made his fortune producing and co-writing pop hits such as “Livin’ La Vida Loca”, and is now a coffee grower married father of 2 who makes music for fun.

His new album comes out October 20th, is still untitled, but according to fan sites, might be called Esto Es Vida, and might be released on Sony or might be released independently, we don’t know. But fans got this out of him: “this album is more clean. I’ve come out of my dark phase. This is the album which has given me more pleasure.”

More about our confused love-hate relationship with Draco here.

Upcoming shows:

Mysteries of mysteries. Check out his blog/online store/fan site Phantom Vox for inklings and all things Draco.




The next big urban promise to come out of Puerto Rico, Omar Garcia took his time, but his self-titled album is finally out. Produced and mixed by Borinquen Beats Deli and Songo Sounds, the team behind Calle 13 and others, Omar  attempts to bring some smarts and poetry to hip hop, mixing it with tropical beats and son, salsa and melodies.

“Quien Soy” is by far the best song of the album, with a little help from Cultura Profetica’s Willy Rodriguez.


Upcoming shows:

To be announced!



The Rio de Janeiro-NYC crew has been together since the summer of 2007, bringing baile funk and Brazilian beats mashed with dancehall, reggae, hip hop and more. XAO Productions were recently featured in the documentary Beyond Ipanema, about the global movement of Brazilian music outside of the country.

Read our interview with XAO’s DJ Comrade here.

This Aniversario Mixtape Vol 1 is from last year, savor it while a new mixtape and digital releases come out very soon (in the next few days!)

XAO Productions Aniversario Mixtape Vol 1 Track Listing:
1. Intro – DJ Comrade/ XÃO PRODUCTIONS
2. Jack e Chocolate – Desce desce devagarinho (Dennis DJ)
3. Mc Gringo Fucky Fucky – (Dennis DJ)
4. Mc Rael – Ai Meu Peru (Dj Gordinho)
5. Mc Maiquinho – Ela Quis Me Imitar (DJ Amazing Clay)
6. Mc Dandao – vai para puta que o pariu (DJ Amazing Clay)
7. Solta Essa Porra!!! (Dj Edgar)
8. Espanca – (DJ Edgar)
9. International Syle Remix feat. Mc Maiquinho e Mc Gus (DJ COMRADE vs. SHAKA)
10. Sai Fora Remix – Mc Gi (Art Punk)
11. Mc Gringo feat. Ninna – Gringo Vai Embora (DJ Amazing Clay)
12. Aquimenceto do Sambinha – (DJ Amazing Clay)
13. Movado –Phone Call REMIX (CHAACH)
14. Coolie / Kopa Baile – Various Artists (DJ COMRADE)
15. Zuzuka/ 77 Klash – Brooklyn Ghetto Fabulosa (CHAACH)
16. Funk Rida feat. Mc Maiquinho, Ousados e Mc Creu (DJ COMRADE)
17. Arrastao remix feat. Dead Prez / Mc Gringo (DJ COMRADE)
18. Feliz Anniversario (Sexual Eruption) feat. Predadorez/ Snoop Dogg (DJ COMRADE)
19. Mc Maiquinho – É a ponto 30 aqui o morro da Chatuba (Proibidao)
20. Busy Signal – Step Out Remix (DJ COMRADE)
21. GG – Cocktail Molotov (DJ Junior)
22. GG – Eles Tentam da Desfalqu

Upcoming Shows:

Their weekly Wednesday Fogo Nas Aguas boat party. Make sure to enter our Back To School VIP Pass to go to next week’s boat party for FREE as well as many other parties this week.