Free Downloads: Maleco Collective, Mojarra Electrica

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Click on for free downloads this week from Quiero Club, Mojarra Electrica and Maleco Collective as well as their upcoming projects and tour dates.



The funky-hipsters mexicanos we all love are back with their sophomore album, Nueva America, which was released earlier this fall.  If you know anything about Quiero Club, their new album sounds not too far off from their last one, WOF.  So if you were a fan before, expect to NOT be disappointed.  For those who weren’t, the album does have its differences: they have pushed their music a little further by adding more electro-pop to their upbeat songs, and more new-age/experimental to their mellow ones.  They have a couple of videos out for their new album, the latest being Minutos de Aire:

For a more upbeat start to the week, we are featuring “Showtime,” one of their first singles on the album.  The video they have for this song is fun to watch so we encourage you to click here for the link.  For now, Quiero Club is performing in their home, Mexico, but we hope they come up norte soon!




We were so excited when we heard Mojarra Electrica would contribute to our Free Downloads!  If you haven’t heard of them, Mojarra is one of those bands from another country that are so cool, you can’t wait to blow up the charts and make it huge in the U.S., but yet, want them to stay underground so only you know about the secret.  From Colombia, Mojarra Electrica blends the different sounds of its country, which include cumbia and Afro-Colombian sounds– influenced by reggae, timba cubana, funk and jazz.  The band is dedicated to making music that exercises body mind and soul; making music that is lyrically conscious without extracting the sound that is booty-shakin’ good!  The band debuted their first album in 2003, Calle 19, and launched their last one, Raza in 2006, dand are now on a mini-tour in London, we cannot wait for them to finally step foot on U.S. soil.




Primarily formed by well-known and respected rapper, Malverde and Grammy nominated producer, guitarist and songwriter, Marthin Chan, Maleco Collective is a new group bringing “freshly baked homemade goods” to the recalentado music industry.  It’s name, a combination of group’s founder Malverde and the Echo neighborhood in LA where the collective got together, shows just how diverse the group really is.  Band members represent Mexico, Peru and Puerto Rico- a taste of each Latin American region.  Mix all this together and we got one hot sancocho of urban, folk and electronic rock musica.  We’re not quite sure what genre to label Maleco Collective, as the vocals are mainly rapped– but we definitely hear some of those folkish Peruvian sounds and some electronic rock in the background.

At first it was a little hard to take a liking to the music, and why not, as its just THAT different.  One is so used to a particular sound that things are EXPECTED  to “go with” others.  Rapping over Latino folkloric music?  Weird.  But if you can get passed that and grasp the concept of this band really trying to push boundaries, you will finally understand the heart of Maleco Collective.  If you want to hear Maleco‘s music kicked up a notch, download Palenke Soultribe‘s remix here on Remezcla!  Now YOU get to choose your poison in music, what could be better?! Maybe Maleco‘s album which is coming out Spring 2010…!