Free Downloads: Nacotheque Jalloween Mix

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Feliz Halloween!!!  To get you pumped up for this weekend’s Halloween festivities, the Remezcla team, once again, has got you covered.  We’ve got a mix for you that we bet you’ve never heard before!

One of Nacotheque‘s well respected DJ’s, Amylulita will always bring you a variety of sounds and beats to get the party started! In this hand-picked  Nacotheque Jalloween Mix, Amylulita combines the new and the old, bringing you back when you used to trick-O-treat and eat candy until your stomach ached! Here we give you a brief run-down of the mix’s line-up as well as the link for the download– GRATIS!


“Soy Dracula” – Mister Chivo
Very reminiscent of traditional old school Colombian cumbia with a kick of Halloween!  So catchy, you might not be able to get this one out of your head.

“La Mata Viejitas” – Amandititita

Don’t be fooled by her girly high-pitched voice, Amandititita‘s lyrics are punchy and unapologetic.

“Mi Novio es un Zombie Null”- Kinder Porno
A remake of “Mi Zombie es un Zombie”, by another artist on this tape, Kinder Porno redelivers with a more hard core rock version of a popular 80’s hit in Spain.

“Labios Ardientes” – Desechables
Get into the Grease movie, Jerry Lee Lewis, original Rock ‘n Roll mood with Desechables!

“Que le ha pasado al sabado?” – Rocky Horror Show
What DID happen to Saturday? We don’t know, but we DO know you’ll rock ‘n roll to the very last note of this one!

“Dracula Ye-Ye” – Andres Pajares

Draculas are just like us, just ask Andres Pajares.  He’ll let you know all the perfectly normal things they do– like pee pee.  But don’t take our word for it, listen to it for yourself.

“El Baile del Sapo” – Timbiriche
Wow, what a throwback!  Timbiriche, prior to puberty.  Probably the only time you’ll ever sing “rodillas chuecas” together, out loud.  We dare you to sing in tune with these guys.

“Vampiros Adolescentes” – Waldorf Historia
We don’t know too much about Waldorf Historia, but on this mix expect to hear a very hip yet old school rock, almost even vintage-like.  Have a listen, we think you’ll like it.

“Sangre” – Paralisis Permanente
The dark sound of this 80’s, post punk, band fits perfectly into the Jalloween theme.

“A Donde van los Muertos?” – Kinky

You’ll forget all about where the muertos went because you’ll be too busy jumping around and dancing to the awesomely talented Kinky!



“Mi novio es un zombie”- Alaska y Dinamara
Once you hear this fast paced 80’s tempo, you’ll be jumping around wishing you had a zombie boyfriend to dance with!

“Soy Dracula”- McNamara
Although the song goes with the theme of the mix, but it gets somewhat redundant, thus making it boring to dance to after a while.  Have a listen for yourself.

“Loba (Quemadiscos mix)”- Shakira
Pretty mainstream but its a Quemadiscos mix. It’s the perfect balance without sounding obtrusive, so gives you an extra element to dance off of. We just hope you don’t dance like Shakira did on the roof in her video…or why not, it’s Halloween!

“Loco Mia”- Loco Mia
This song adds the 90’s touch into the mix. Not really sure what this is doing in the mix pero I guess we all go loco on Halloween?

“La Cumbia Metalera”- Los Querubines Negros Molocotongo
Get your dose of cumbia– estilo Jalloween!

“El Monje Loco” – Mister Chivo
We like the spooky sound of this one– traditional yet catchy. Are you el Monje Loco?

“El Hombre Lobo” – Mister Chivo
Another cumbia by Mister Chivo— and this one is even more danceable than the others. So if you can cumbia, show it off with this song!

“Que Monstruos Son” – Lost Acapulco A classic
Think oldies but with Mexican monsters. For some reason this one got us hungry when they mention quesadillas.

“Adams Family Theme song”
No, really– the actual Adams Family Theme Song. We’re not really sure why this would be part of a mix other than to set a mood…the cooky/possibly awkward kind.

“Night of the Vampire” – The Moontrekkers
Another song we’ve all heard before at some point in our ghoulishly spooky lives, this one is more acceptable than the last one, at least.