Free Downloads: Superaquello, Bomba Estereo, Sunsplash

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Click on for free downloads this week from Sunsplash,  Superaquello and Bomba Estereo as well as their upcoming projects and tour dates.



Previously seen in the electronic-hyper-machine Venezuelan phenom
Todosantos, the ever-creative Alberto Stangarone has formed a new musical project with his life partner in crime, Brazilian DJ/singer, Supervixen.  And they called it Sunsplash. The NYC-based duo has influences from electro- 80’s pop, house to punk.  Their music is both imaginative and catchy, mixing different kinds of sounds, making you want to do nothing else than get up and dance.  Aside from being music-makers, these two have their own clothing line labeled, Piece of the Cake . It seems they are still working on putting it up for purchase but to get a sneak peek, check in our Daily Remix.

Check out the music video for “Fiera de Vinil”:

There is no word on a full album yet but for now we have one of their recorded songs, “A Brave New Me,” ready for your downloadable pleasure!




The dynamic duo from Colombia recently completed a very succesful West Coast tour that has the rest of the country thirsty for Bomba.  If you weren’t lucky enough to watch them live, you missed out on a South-American cumbia meets reggaeton, africana explosion!  But fret not, because you still have innumerable chances left to experience their energy with their spankin’ new album, Blow Up.  Their underground hit, “Fuego,” is on there -but if you’re looking for something new from Bomba Estereo, look no further than “Raza.”  It’s great because it contains the diverse sounds on the album– at times it’s hard core rapping, other times its more mellow and folkloric sounding– but not mellow enough to put you to sleep.  Take a listen to their lyrics, too– they have a lot to say.  As far as contemporary Latino music goes, Bomba Estereo is as fresh at it gets.




The band no one really expected to come from Puerto Rico is back with their now fourth album called Superaquello Interpreta Latarde (read our Estaffers’
thoughts on the album in our Remezcla Replay.)   Their new album is not too far off from what fans could expect: pop, alternative, electronic and experimental at times.  Some may even go as far to say that the album is softer sounding, and not necessarily in a bad way. This is one of those bands which you must have in your collection. Right now the band is sticking around in Puerto Rico but we’ll keep you updated if they decide to promote their new album in the States which, we hear they intend to do in early 2010.  For now, we have the hookup for a cover song they did from 1970’s Spanish artist Jeanette— talk about throwback!  Enjoy!