Free Downloads: Thanksgiving Stuffing

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Since this week is all about stuffing ourselves and spending time with family, we thought we’d also stuff our Remezcla readers with the latest and greatest music around right now!  Think of it as a Thanksgiving celebration for your ears when you’re too food comatose to play DJ but still want to impress your dinner guests.

This week’s line-up comes from upcoming, new and classic artists from Nacional Records..21 of them! Their FREE 2009 Nacional Artists Sampler consists of:

“CJ” – Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
This is one of the slower tracks from their new album titled, El Arte de La Elegancia. Not really the song to get wasted with.

“Bandera-”  Aterciopelados
A safe track to play while at the table with abuela, she might even take you up on your offer for a little dance-time. Abuela or not, it’s folkish but hip enough to groove to.

“Yo Digo Baila” – Mexican Institute of Sound
Scratch out grandma on this one– unless she’s the type to wear tighter skinny jeans than you and joins you and your friends to the clubs Friday and Saturdays nights. This is a strictly-dance tune courtesy of Camilo Lara.

“If You Want It” – Pacha Massive
We love us some Pacha Massive, its a foot-tapper… you can’t help but bop your head and snap your fingers at the same time. Thanksgiving or not, it’s a must on your iPod.

“Brooklyn Cumbia” – Uproot Andy
Our(cute!) boy Uproot Andy from Brooklyn mixes folk, tropical, electro and then some! Here, we here some of that folk through the cumbia beat and a nice kick with some electro. FYI: He’ll be mixing beats live in CT, NY and CA so make keep an eye out for him!

“Shake It Up” – Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich+Fussible
For a little more banda influence, Bostich and Fussible got a nice dance song to loosen up that awkward moment you just had at the dinner table. Crap! Did mami REALLY just tell everyone I still sleep with my blankie?!

“Cosita Rica” – Bomba Estereo
Our latest favorites, Bomba Estereo is back from last week’s Free Downloads to add yet another awesome track to your player! Make me want to whip out the white folkoric dress and velita…

“Help Me” – Latin Bitman feat Francisca Valenzuela
Chilean turntablist Latin Bitman (we’re digging his new album, Colour) and guest star, fellow Santiago artist Francisca (she KICKS ASS!) makes for a great combo. This song reminds us of being at an old-school carnival mixed with some urban wildness…or something.

“Trocintro” (Extended Version)-  King Coya
Speaking of old-school carnivals, King Coya‘s “Trocintro”, at first reminds us of passing through 1940’s Argentina with some trumpets for a kick. His other stuff is pretty cool, too– very danceable and different!

“Puerta De Oro” – Fidel Nadal feat Pablo Lescano
Now THIS is refreshing. An Afro-Argentine, you might know Fidel Nadal as the frontman for legendary rasta punk group Todos Tus Muertos. Teaming up here with the king of cumbia villera, this song is super chill– JAH MAN!

“Mate” – Todos Tus Muertos
Want something a little more upbeat and hard core?  As we were saying: ska, reggae, and hip-hop influenced Todos Tus Muertos.

“Happy Everywhere” – The Pinker Tones
This is one of those songs that mellow you out yet still manage to get you up and dance…Which pretty much means its a keeper. Pero…Happy Everywhere? I dunno, the title sounds a little sketchy…and in the song. Meh, who cares– pass some more pavito, plis!

“Bestia” (Julieta Venegas Remix)- Hello Seahorse!
You know it’s a done deal when Julieta Venegas touches a track– (and we featured this remezcla as a download a few months ago). But if you like more of a darker version to your pop, check out Hello Seahorse!‘s un-remixed stuff, it’s also pretty cool, too.

“Amar Y Vivir” – Tonino Carotone
Ahh yes, a little something for you and the fam… classic Tonino Carotone from ESTHpaña (sorry, had to) . He’s also heavily influenced by Italian music– so be prepared to feel el amore…but be warned, he’s also written a song called “Me Cago en el Amor”…so don’t put Tonino on shuffle during dinner unless you want to heat up the tension in the room.

“La Vida Es Llena De Cables” – Señor Coconut
I know you might think this is crazy talk, pero this one sounds as if Calle 13 and Pink Martini had a baby and popped out Señor Coconut (yes, he was born a Señor, if you must know). You might even like it!

“Llama” – Monareta
Not really sure how to describe this one. We dare to say our dear Monareta are the Plastilina Mosh of Colombia, minus la cruda and plus more electronica.

“Chicken Wing” [Explicit]- Eric Bobo Feat The Demigodz
Ain’t nuthin’ but a chicken waaanng boyeeee! Eric Bobo is nothing what qw imagined him to be. He is hardcore Latino-hip-hop. And I don’t mean reggaeton or Apanish rap, it’s literally traditional Latin music were mixed with hip-hop. We don’t recommend this to the hip-hop haters.

“Encadenado” – Gonzalo Yañez
Gonzalo Yañez describes himself as pop and rock, but we’re not really hearing anything Rock in his music and even less so in this song. With a strong accordion and that Chilean accent, sounds like a street performer who would enchant us in the streets of Bellavista in Santiago.

“Insensible” – Juana Molina
We’re always diggin’ Juana Molina.  She has that Bjork mixed with folkloric vibe…it’s different but catchy.  “Insensible is mellower than her other stuff so if you’re not into the slow-experimental stuff, be warned.

“Esta Vez” – Sara Valenzuela
We love this song, it’s very chillish, loungy… If you are into Belanova (she’s coincidentally from Guadalajara, Mexico, too)  and the electro-pop scene, this song is a must-have in your music collection.

“Clandestino” – Manu Chao
And we end the album…last but NOT least!  The irreplaceable Manu Chao, who never lets us down.  This one is a little more nostalgic-sounding but if we’re going with the Thanksgiving theme, why not drink the final copitas (or not, whatever, it’s cool) to this one?  The turkey’s sleepy-effect should start kicking in by now anyway.

Of course, you don’t have to limit this album to the holiday– it sounds good all year ’round.