Free Indie Mezcla: Grito con Arts & Crafts México

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We all know about the giant fours: Universal, Warner, EMI and Sony. But how about Ban Bang, Cósmica, and Mamushka Dog? These Latin indie labels are turning out some of the brightest gems in the music scene, repping the artists of tomorrow, not necessarily today’s. Here at Remezcla, we’re all about looking ahead and finding what the next generations will be listening to, so when they do listen to it, we can be super snobby and look down on these passé youngster’s interests. Thank god, some of today’s leading indie disqueras are willing to partake in the future gangup of the following generations. Arts & Craft Mexico is September’s Indie Labels Doing it Right.

September comes as a natural time for transition. Of course, there’s the seasonal ones, the start of another school year, the best time to grow some root crops, I suppose, and the end of Summer fests. But fun-in-the-sun doesn’t have to end. Here at Remezlca, we’re evolving (yes, like Pokemon) our monthly El Mix to Indie Mezcla! Yep, Indie Mezcla also offers you a free monthly indie music compilation. We’re just adding a sassier name that rhymes with Remezcla and resetting our volumes back to one.

For this month’s featured record label, we present Arts & Crafts Mexico, home to Chikita Violenta, Antoine Reverb, Bam Bam and many more music bands and starlets that are leading today’s Latin indie scene. Grito Con Arts & Crafts México offers you a FREE 9-track compilation with alt, folk, psych, rock, and of course, indie music with six Mexican bands including three Canadian ones, cause we’re some peaceful muthaf*ckers on both ends of the US border.

In this mix, Chikita Violenta, Los Odio, and Torreblanca are putting their stamp on today’s indie rock scene in the capital of Mexico. Guadalajara’s Antonie Reverb, and Movus also bring an experimental and shoegaze sound to our eardrums. And of course, Monterrey’s Bam Bam charms us with their spacy cool indie pop melodies, like they do on this featured track. So we ask: what the hell’s going on all the way up the US’s northern border? Musically that is. Well, Canada does house some serious indie rockers like Zeuz, Timbre Timbre, and Broken Social Scene who are also revamping today’s sounds, and influencing cross-continental.

Courtesy of our friends at Arts & Crafts México, we leave you here with this FREE 9-track compilation that comes loaded with special Remezcla artwork, featuring Miguel Hidalgo on the cover, leader of Mexico’s War of Independence, to celebrate “El Grito” for this September 16th! So get started early start listening y viva México, cabrones!

Indie Mezcla Vol. 1: Grito Con Arts & Crafts México by artsandcraftsmx

Track list:

1) Chikita Violenta – Roni
2) Bam Bam – Hipnódromo
3) Zeuz – That’s All
4) Antonie Reverb – Malhumorama
5) Timbre Timbre – Too Old To Die Young
6) Los Odio – Nacido Para Perder
7) Torreblanca – Lobo
8) Movus – Leviatán
9) Broken Social Scene – Meet Me In The Basement