Free Mixtape: DJ Mafondo's "Baile de Muertos"

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Día de los muertos, or day of the dead, has come and gone but you can keep the spirit of the celebration alive with DJ Mafondo’s latest free mixtape Baile De Muertos (just out yesterday). Our resident mixtape guru Juan Data introduced us to Mafondo (a.k.a. Jorge Gonzalez Estrella) back in September. As you can see, Mafondo’s kept busy since then. Baile De Muertos is an almost hour-long mix filled with back-to-back Spanish cuts that your old-school abuela with her handmade veil and your tio with the pointy, snake-skin boots can enjoy. Some of the changes between songs are too sudden or abrupt but it doesn’t kill the vibe or flow. Some tracks in the mix include remixes from San Diego’s Afro reggae band B-Side Players, Cuban ensemble NG La Banda, to Venezuela’s Los Amigos Invisibles and a ton more. A hand load of the tracks are also named “Bruja” as an ode to this special day of the year. So light a candle on your family altar and download the mixtape below.

BAILE DE MUERTOS mixtape by DJ-Mafondo