Free Music Playlist: Alt Indie Dominicana

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In the Dominican Republic, the independent music alternative scene — or however one wants to call it these days — is surely on the rise. Today, we have a concrete scene with alternative acts ranging from indie pop, rock, electronic, folk, hip hop, and other fusions. In the island, there’s been such acts that have been making noise for over 25 years such as Toque Profundo and Jodio Loco Sucio among others who paved way for bands like Tribu del Sol, Aljadaqui, Tabú Tek, and more.

The Dominican Republic has original bands that can be compared to international acts without actually sounding like a copy, and who carry unique styles. In this playlist, we’ve mixed emerging alt indie acts who sing in Spanish ranging from danceable pop groups with ’80s beats such as Diego Mena (who can compared to Javiera Mena, Teleradio Donoso or Alex Andwandter), synthpop singer Juango Dávalos, “Rock n’ ron” in the hands of Janio Lora, sunny folk by Las Acevedo, Colombian-birthed, Dominican at heart Auro Sónico comes in with his band Los Violetas. Also, Alex Ferreira who’s worked with Natalia Lafourcade, Ximena Sariñana, Xoel Lopez among other international artists, jazz, merengue and funky mixes by Rando, experimental post rock by Vohké, rockers in disguise Poolpo, newbies Dinosaurios with acoustic pop, and lastly we close our playlist with merengue punk by Concón Quemao.

Behold this end-of-the-season 12-track FREE Dominican indie playlist, curated by the good folks of La Casetera. Another one you must add to your list to get ready for summer and to celebrate Caribbean heritage month!

[audio-player aws_file=”01 Arena.mp3″ aws_name=”Juango Dávalos – Arena”]
[audio-player aws_file=”02 Memorable.mp3″ aws_name=”Diego Mena – Memorable”]
[audio-player aws_file=”03 Carla Cramberry.mp3″ aws_name=”Janio Lora – Carla Cramberry”]
[audio-player aws_file=”04 La Corbata.mp3″ aws_name=”Poolpo – La Corbata”]
[audio-player aws_file=”05 A Reir.mp3″ aws_name=”Los Violetas – A Reír”]
[audio-player aws_file=”06 Reloj de Arena.mp3″ aws_name=”Las Acevedo – Reloj de Arena”]
[audio-player aws_file=”07 El Afan.mp3″ aws_name=”Alex Ferreira – El Afán”]
[audio-player aws_file=”08 Get Funky.mp3″ aws_name=”Gnómico – Get Funky”]
[audio-player aws_file=”09 Dominicana Bonita.mp3″ aws_name=”Rando – Dominicana Bonita”]
[audio-player aws_file=”10 Tres.mp3″ aws_name=”Vohké – Tres”]
[audio-player aws_file=”11 El Mundo Gira.mp3″ aws_name=”Dinosaurios – El Mundo Gira”]
[audio-player aws_file=”12 Toy jarto.mp3″ aws_name=”Concón Quemao – Toy Jarto”]

Editor’s note: Dr. Laxcos is the alias of Max Cueto, co-curator of this playlist and regular contributor/blogger to La Casetera, local DJ around the NYC area, and a masked luchador party-goer in about every freakin’ concert around the city.