Fuete Billete Goes Dirty South in Aaliyah "One In A Million" Cover [P.R.]

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Fuete Billete is the newest addition to the ever-growing list of Aaliyah covers. Old school Timbaland and Missy Elliott beats sound as fresh today as they did back in ‘96, which may explain why remixes by Wayvee, Shlohmo and Jelani litter my SoundCloud stream. For their homage, duo Fuete Billete—which includes former Dávila 666er Carlos—chose a lesser-known producer from Maryland, High Class Filth, whose version “One In A Trillion” has everything I love about trap music: synths, dope percussion, and slopped&chopped vocals by the lady herself. Add Fuete’s easy flow and naughty lyrics (”Hacerte cosas malas pero nada negativo,” and personal favorite “Yo anticipo cambio clima en tu pantisito“) and you’ll be playing this on repeat.