Video: Furland's "Las lunas, las estrellas"

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Cosmic and earthy seem like mutually-exclusive terms, one evokes comets and stardust, the other moss-covered tree trunks (and a hugger here and there). But the guys of Furland, with the twang of a banjo, some glittering synths, and a bit of apt storytelling, managed to bring the two together for their first full-length album, Historia de la Luz.

For the video for the second single off the album, “Las lunas, las estrellas…Furland and director Lázaro Valiente took a participatory art approach, inviting members of their community to interact with the song by listening and drawing their reactions. Four teepees were stationed at four distinct points in and around Mexico City. The song was then split in four parts, each part played inside a different teepee. Participants were asked to draw what they felt or understood after listening to the song.

We get the expected rudimentary drawings of stars and moons, but we also see some intriguing conceptual pieces and even some abstract art. Together, these works form a stream of consciousness that results in a whimsical animated video that is an elementary school art show of sorts.

Watch Furland’s “Las lunas, las estrellas” below and draw your own conclusions.Also watch them perform their first single, “Quiero ser un color,” exclusively for Remezcla HERE.