Free Download: Future Feelings Remixes (Antoine Reverb, Lido Pimienta, etc.)

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A couple of months ago we featured Future Feelings (a.k.a. Fernando Dimare) on the site with his remix of Carla Morrison’s “Lágrimas,” a dance-inducing twist on the melodramatic tune (which we featured in our end-of-year Best Tracks of 2010). Now, we know we’re late on this post, but he also did some wonderful remixes for some of our other favorites, like Antoine Reverb, Lido Pimienta, Los Macuanos, Los Amparito, and María y José. This Latin luminaries remix set by Mexico-via-Argentina producer Future Feelings is available for FREE download below (has been for four months now but cut us some slack, dude!). But we think this cathartically moody set is particularly poignant now as spring descends upon us. Or rather, descends upon the rest of the continental U.S.A., because apparently New York and primavera had a falling out at some point and won’t reconcile until April, or so it seems.

I geeked out specifically to his Antoine Reverb remix of A Revolt of Sorts standout “Little Cabins/Little Castanets” and his down-tempo reggae touch to Lido Pimienta’s “Mueve.” Good stuff.

Download all nine of Future Feelings’ remixes below, which include Antoine Reverb, Los Amparito, María y José, Carla Morrison, Lido Pimienta, and more! And please pardon our tardiness on these.