Get G-Flux ft. Afrodita's sexy synth cumbia "Suavecito" for free

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Suavecito…suavecito…When “La Reina del Palenke” aka Afrodita (deriving its name from the mythological greek goddess of love, lust and beauty), who make up the eclectic duo of Chile by way of DF’s songstress Karin Burnett and Immanuel Miralda, musically hook up with Mexico via DC G-Flux, music producer Gustavo Naranjo, things couldn’t get more sultry, sassy and suave.

It all began in 2010 when these two dynamic projects joined forces with La Super Cumbia Futurística – a Mexico City-based collective of DJs and producers – and record a superb cumbia blend with rhythmic synths titled “Ciclón del Caribe.” “Suavecito” not only justifies Afrodita’s moniker with its groovy, sensual vocals and noventeros, tropical pop aesthetics, but with G-Flux funky cinematic orchestrations and that sexy down beat cumbia tempo, there’s no doubt this track’ll wake your lustful deadly sin in the morning, or do I speak for myself?

“Suavecito” comes as a free download and your a late christmas gift – a sexified cumbia cover of the ’90s diva Laura León. So get it while you can.