Gear Up for Viva! Pomona 2022 with a Playlist Curated by DannyLux

Lead Photo: Photo by David Alva.
Photo by David Alva.
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One of the best and most popular Latine indie-centric festivals in California is back to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Taking over their traditional spot at the Glass House on Dec. 17 and 18, Viva! Pomona is bringing an eclectic lineup to the two-day event. To help you get in the mood, we asked Saturday headliner DannyLux to make a playlist highlighting some of the artists playing at the festival.

The brainchild of promoter René Contreras, Viva! Pomona has been an important lynchpin in the Southern California indie rock circuit since its earliest editions. Some of the acts that have played the festival years past before blowing up have been Cuco, Omar Apollo, Chicano Batman, Inner Wave, Divino Niño, Los Retros, and many others. Historically, many of the bands that have played Viva! Pomona have been subsequently booked for Coachella.

This year’s lineup is an amazing display of sounds and vibes. We have the regional stylings of DannyLux as well as Reyna Tropical’s lively dance music, Maye’s melodic balladry, and Aquihayaquihay’s trap-infused pop. Other acts on Saturday include Parque de Cometas, Policias y Ladrones, Erre, Michi, Conexión Divina, and many more. On Sunday, lo-fi post-punk act Enjoy will be topping a punkier and gothier bill thanks to sets by Generación Suicida, The Tissues, La Texana, Margaritas Podridas, Provoker, and others.

About curating the playlist, DannyLux said: “I picked these songs because they stood out to me as being a good mixture of Latin American sounds. They are each unique and show the wide taste in music us Latinos have. I had heard of some of the artists, others I was surprised when I heard their music. I’m excited to share the stage with them.”

You can get your two-day pass for Viva! Pomona right here. Check out DannyLux’s playlist below.