Free Download: "Pa la Escuela Nene" (Geko Jones vs. Frikstailers)

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It’s almost carnaval season again, and while most relate carnaval to the world-famous Rio de Janeiro parade with all the batucadas and the voluptuous girls in minimalist outfits, the truth is that carnaval is celebrated pretty much all over Latin America.

In Colombia’s Atlantic coast, carnaval traditions are intimately connected to the Afro-Colombian roots, with their own versions of parades, music, and dance. Only instead of samba they have bullerengue, and instead of g-strings and pasties, women wear much more conservative long colonial dresses.

In preparation for a Colombian carnaval event happening in New York, DJ/producer (and Qué Bajo?! co-brainchild) Geko Jones grabbed this bullerengue song by Colombian folklorist Maria Mulata and mashed it up with Frikstailers‘ “Dancehallete” from their latest EP Bicho de Luz. The result, an irresistible dance track that can arguably bring the heat from the tropical carnaval to the cold winter in the Big Apple, or anywhere else you play it.

Celebrate carnaval with Geko Jones, Frikstailers, and Maria Mulata by downloading “Pa la escuela nene” below for FREE.