Geko Jones on Signing With Fania, Que Bajo, Life, Love and More

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While celebrating his 35th birthday this past Sunday, resident DJ of NYC’s Que Bajo?! party and talented producer Geko Jones took to social media to discuss 35 thoughts, lessons and reflections on his life-to-date. Among lessons learned from the likes of reggaeton pioneer DJ Blass and members of his family, he also wove in a huge bit of news: that he’s signed a deal with legendary imprint Fania Records. We reached out to Geko for a few quotes regarding his career of late, and he responded with a few more fascinating details.

Regarding Fania:
The Fania project is in its final stages, but I want tell the entire story when the time is right. It involves a murder mystery from the archives and it will be out later this year.

Regarding his own productions:
On the new material front, I’m recording with a Mexican/Japanese singer named Marcela Alcala. She’s based here in NYC and I’m super excited to have her on board for the Africa Latina project. She’s got pipes, is absolutely stunning to look at, and her work ethic is everything a producer could ask for. What we are doing is definitely new territory, not just for her but Latin dance music in general. With all the influences I’ve gained over the years concentrated into one project, I promise you that you guys will be singing this stuff at the office for a long time after it drops.

Regarding what’s next for Que Bajo:
Que Bajo is in an exciting place. We’re about to launch our Barrioteca campaign and release, and I’m super excited for that. It’s been a long time coming. We’re kicking off with a MASSIVE event at Verboten for RBMA Festival featuring the biggest line up we’ve ever put together. Following that we will be locking in at a venue for the first time in years. We’ll be at The Wick in Brooklyn for the rest of the year.

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UPDATE: Fania Records presents Geko Jones Ralfi Pagan: Latin Soul Remixed Album Release Party at Le Bain. FREE with RSVP.