Free Download: Gotan Project's "La Gloria" (El Remolón Remix)

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About a decade ago, a Parisian trio with an Argentine head revolutionized tango by infusing electronic dance beats to it, thus returning the genre to where it used to be 50 years prior: the dance floors of the world. Ten years and three albums later–and after unleashing an avalanche of followers and copycats–Gotan Project is still making noise by releasing more of those sensuous tunes that advertisement agencies just love to use in their TV ads.

La Gloria” was the title of Gotan Project’s first single off Tango 3.0, their latest release, and it has an irresistibly stylish video and the voice of a popular Argentine soccer (I mean fútbol, perdón!) commentator introducing the band’s members one by one as players rushing the field. Should’ve been the World Cup theme song, instead of the “Waka Waka.”

So now Gotan is releasing an EP of “La Gloria” remixes, including reworks by Zizek luminaries El Remolón and Lagartijeando, plus Germany’s baile-funk ambassador Daniel Haaksman, who already did some remarkable remix work in the past for Gotan Project’s “Arrabal.” Remolón’s mix (offered as a FREE promo download below) is not exactly a neo-cumbia, but definitely adds a whole new frenetic dance vibe to the track. I’d love to see those two guys from the video dancing to this version instead!

Download El Remolón’s reworking of “La Gloria” by Gotan Project de GRATIS and watch the video for the original track below.