Free Download: Gravy Indie Union's "Diskette"

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You might have already heard Gravy Indie Union if you downloaded Quiero Club’s five-song remix package for “Que hacer en caso de oir voces” that we featured a while back. Theirs was probably the best of the remix bunch. Or maybe you stumbled upon them in passing, considering they’ve been together roughly since 2000. The electro-dance duo of Enrique Kwen and Core Cardenas is Gravy Indie Union, a Culiacán product with ’80s pop-rock and electronica sensibilities, genetically developed to make you dance in that “I’m in a new wave video” sort of way. Their album Grandes Exitos Vol. 3 should be a constant on any iPOD. Some songs sound like Duran Duran, others like Joy Division if Joy Division were…happy. “Bombeo” is a heart attack and “Sunshine” is a wave of euphoria. And now we have “Diskette,” the smoother, less-rock-inclined single from their upcoming EP Out for Lunch (out in March via Happy-Fi).

“Diskette” is more polished than other Gravy Indie Union tracks, and, unlike “Bombeo” and “Sunshine,” is in Spanish, so it houses a Latin pop quality foreign to the duo’s former Brit-sounding songs. It’s great for ushering in spring and the prospect of summer. And you can still flail ’80s style, that Gravy Indie Union quality remains intact.

Download Gravy Indie Union’s warm-weather-ready “Diskette” off the forthcoming Out for Lunch.