Guadalupe Plata: Exclusive Video Interview

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After learning about Ubeda-based, bottle neck blues trio Guadalupe Plata, we were wowed with the band’s intricate bluegrass style and musical presentation. We immediately grabbed the three of them after their performance at the Sounds From Spain showcase at SXSW for an exclusive interview. In this video, we ask Guadalupe Plata about how it feels to play for an international audience with a sound often associated with Southern Americana, how bluegrass is received in their native Spain, and the reasons the band is willing to give away their albums for free (free download below). Enjoy!

[insert-video vimeo=40606494]

<a href=”″ mce_href=”″>Guadalupe Plata (2011) by Guadalupe Plata</a>

Shot by VidiVici TV / Conceived & Produced by Remezcla.