Guest Playlist: Dani Shivers!

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¡Moi adore playlists! May them be indie labels’  curated with the artists they host, special holiday mixes, or any random excuse for a playlist, we dig ’em all. Obviously if they’re good. But what about artist-curated playlists? What are your favorite bands and artists listening to nowadays, who do they rank as their favorites, and what do they have on their iPods? In this feature, we’ll give you a new playlist every now and then, curated by some bands and artist faves. This time, our guest playlist curator is: Dani Shivers!

Behold thee dark-clad, belle chanteuse’ favorite music of all time. Listen, laugh, cry, reminisce, fuck, scream, grin, and shiver. It’s melancholic, nostalgic, and dreamy. 11 tracks from a variety of artists ranging from esoteric ones (even I, the music editor, admit to not knowing these all — some are too obscure for even youtube/vimeo or soundcloud, hence the link to stream on #1 below) to some good ol’ classics such as Billy Idol and Placebo. So, without further ado, enjoy the lovely Dani Shiver’s curated playlist with her own commentary below track titles, exclusively for Remezcla readers! It’ll churn guts with emotioooon.

Thumbnail Photo Credit: Luis García
Framed Photo Credit: Julio M. Romero

1) Monster Movie
“Letting You Know”

The strongest words a song could have, without trying and with the perfect melody. The perfect shoegaze song, with a twist. So simple that you become addicted to it.


2) The Sundays
“Here’s where the Story Ends”

This song is pure happiness to me. #thatisall

[insert-video youtube=FHsip5xOenQ]

3) Starflyer 59
“I Drive a Lot”

Maybe a cab driver wrote this, or just a very lonely guy. An anthem for monotony and tiredness.

[insert-video youtube=csPEitRRfuM]

4) Placebo
“Scared of Girls”

This song turns me on. It’s so powerful but yet simple. Brian Molko is the Guitar God.

[insert-video youtube=lBLJZcXptTc]

5) Mew
“Snow Brigade”

The ultimate love song in a snowstorm. Perfection is one word to describe it.

[insert-video youtube=KIIMmUTfAo4]

6) The Raveonettes
“Love in a Trashcan”

I love this song because it’s so playful and sexy. The beats are fun to listen and dance.

[insert-video youtube=mRUqpgg-8Ps]

7) Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
“Jeane, if You’re Ever in Portland”

Owen Ashworth is my hero in every sense. He has the power to make me cry and be happy at the same time. One of the most respected artists in the world to me. Everything he does is poetry.

[insert-video youtube=SKXbeSvpS1A]

8) Parenthetical Girls
“Forward to Forget”

I love the elements in this song and how they separately function together. Zac Pennington is a real master making profound and smart songs but this one is my favorite.

[insert-video youtube=f8a6YkqP1pA]

9) Small Black
“Weird Machines”

Cheap keyboards based song with deep bass arrangements and melancholic voice melody , perfect combination. Music magic they make.

[insert-video youtube=idCW7vbzBnI]

10) Räuberhöhle

It transports me to a place I’ve never been. Killer simple beats and amazingly lo-fi recorded voice. It’s like an angry child learning how to play with musical toys. The first truly inspiration to start Dani Shivers.

[insert-video youtube=7KNw1Dpg41w]

11) Billy Idol
“Eyes without a Face”


[insert-video youtube=9OFpfTd0EIs]

Dani Shivers is our Artist of the Week! Read our Q&A with her and stay tuned for the premier of her upcoming music video “Graves” this Friday. Woot!