Video: Gustavo Cerati's mother says "Quiere vivir y va vivir"

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It’s been 11 months now since the well-loved Gustavo Cerati suffered a stroke. We’ve heard many reports about his condition and slow recovery, but now we have this exclusive interview from Argentina’s Visión 7 with Cerati’s mother, Liliana Clark. In this three-and-a-half-minute interview the hopeful yet affected mother of the Soda Stereo frontman reveals that he has squeezed her hand in the past and that she’s seen leg movement. She says he has “un organisimo muy fuerte, muy sólido” and states “quiere vivir y va vivir.” She also touches on friendly visits and singing sessions from Spinetta and Ricardo Mollo, which have apparently incited reactions in the currently comatose Cerati, and mentions the recent Bono shout out during the U2 concert in Argentina.

Watch below for the emotional interview with Gustavo Cerati’s mother, Liliana Clark.