Gustavo Cerati Responds Mildly!

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It’s been almost two years since the iconic rock en Español singer Gustavo Cerati fell deep in a coma. After about a year from watching his mother Liliana Clark speak of her son‘s willingness to live again, last night she declares that Cerati responds mildly to her voice. Mrs. Clark also informs sources that he moves his head slightly, and makes a few facial expressions when she speaks to him. She continues saying, “It’s very important for him to hear my voice,” and that his body is still strong and continues to fighting this. Indeed, last Friday marked the 30 year anniversary of Soda Stereo‘s creation, which was the marking point of música en Español to come. Facebook and twitter users are also demonstrating their hopes and giving their good wishes to Gustavo. All of us here at Remezcla also hope that he does finally does wake up one day. Fuerza Cerati!!!

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