Halloween Video: Veronica's "All The Happy Time"

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Maybe it’s something to do with the weather but there still seems to be an influx of modern post-punk influenced groups coming from the northeast. Take Veronica, for example. This new band is another post-punk outfit from NYC with a knack for punchy bass lines and a guitar sound recorded in an echo chamber. The trio composed of Dominicans’ Omar Rodriguez, Eric Rodriguez and Domingo Reinoso, wears the old-school Manchester sound on its sleeve. Or perhaps Interpol with the guy from She Wants Revenge on vocals. These guys just released their latest video for their single “All The Happy Time” off their debut EP, Writing in the Sand. That may not sound very post-punk but a peek at that video will dispel any doubts. Watch their eerie, peculiar video. Happy Halloween!

[insert-video youtube=3jyMlpbFbq4]