Video: HATEM – "They Won't Let Me Grow"

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A few months ago, Madrileño electro pop ensemble HATEM (Hola A Todo El Mundo) released its new album Ultraviolet Catastrophe via Mushroom Pillow in Spain and Japan, and for the rest of the world, the band is working towards a February release. “The Won’t Let Me Grow” is the band’s first single off said album, and it showcases a beautifully modern blend of ’60s chord progressions and ’80s synth lines.

As of latest, HATEM releases their music video for “They Won’t Let Me Grow.” Hear this song and walk into your flesh. Barbed wire that melts like flowers brushes your eyes, bleaches your mind, and drowns your psychic pain faster than an angel into a sea of stars. Follow your instinct at 1:30 and feel like the main character. Nod your head and smile as you fade into an abyss at the end of the clip. Little kids in pirate costumes on the beach the whole time? No, it’s not another Wes Anderson film, it’s HATEM! When I see stuff like this I can’t help but think there’s some kind of subliminal sociology message going on. What does it mean!?! It’s like a moral test for your subconscious. I still think a better video idea would have been someone playing this song on a boom box while making out with themselves in a Tokyo shopping mall elevator during Christmas with an unnecessary fade to black every 15 seconds.

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