Helado Negro Asks Fans To Wear Masks – ‘I’m Just Asking as a Courtesy’

Lead Photo: Photo by Nathan Bajar.
Photo by Nathan Bajar.
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As COVID-19 mask mandates are relaxing nationwide, we’re starting to get more tour announcements from indie musicians. However, there’s still a risk of the virus spreading in these venues – and touring musicians are starting to talk about their concerns. 

Ecuadorian-American indie alternative synth artist Helado Negro, who is about to embark on his 35-date world tour, recently took to social media to speak out about why his audience needs to keep wearing masks.


“We only have one shot at touring this year. If we get COVID on the road, the tour is wrecked and so is being able to pay bills and the energy to rally and try again,” he told his Twitter followers in a recent post, asking concertgoers to wear their masks if attending his shows. 

This comment came as a response to a tweet by American singer-songwriter Sasami, which read: “I fucking BEG YOU to please wear your masks at my shows. I am not a big band, if we get Covid and have to cancel shows I’m fully FUCKED if u love me at all please wear a mask and buy merch so we can keep touring squeeze 🥺 🖤 SASAMI.” 

Another American artist, Landlady, who had just performed at SXSW agreed with the suggestion, saying: “This shit is very real, and after being at SXSW I know many people who caught Covid there. For touring folks it fully derails the operation and wrecks the artists in more ways than one, if you care about shows happening please mask up at ‘em and ask your friends to do the same.” This thread was what caught Helado Negro’s eye, especially with his anticipated tour coming up.

“To clarify. You will not be required to wear masks. You can go to the show maskless. I’m just asking as a courtesy,” Helado Negro, born Roberto Carlos Lange, said on a follow-up tweet.

With COVID-19 still being a huge risk that could result in the cancelation of everything that goes with logistics and beyond, it is a concern to many touring musicians who can finally make money by performing live shows again. Hopefully, these new tours go on without cancellations and bring joy to the audience who have been waiting patiently since 2020 to see their favorite performers. It’s just something to consider as a fan.