Free Download: Helado Negro's "Regresa"

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Helado Negro, a.k.a. Roberto Lange, produces the sort of ear-catching electronic music you don’t so much dance to, as sway back and forth wearing a vacant grin. “Regresa” is a perfect example of this. Less explicitly Latin tinged than his collab-heavy debut Awe Owe (besides the shoegaze-y vocals being in Spanish), less driving and percussive, this track off Helado Negro’s sophomore album Canta Lechuza (out May on Asthmatic Kitty) will remind you more of Balún and Algodón Egipcio. We love to see that; artists experimenting with new sounds and styles makes us go all googly eyed.

You too can have a music crush on Helado Negro. Download “Regresa” below and let him accompany you during those long walks home.