Video: Hello Seahorse! – "La Flotadera"

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This is the real deal. This is the track that made sleep have wishful dreaming, as oblivious the lyrics and video portray. Like the beginning of each year, 2013 is to start anew. Since Hello Seahorse!’s previous 2010 studio album, Lejos. No Tan Lejos, the Mexican indie alt quartet made the two year wait totally worth it. Strong convictions and musical maturity are the audio aesthetics present in Arumina, but it’s the narration that gets to me, besides Denise’s powerful silvery voice that resonates inside my entire brain.122

You fall asleep with wishful thinking. You pray that your morning will be filled with rays of sunlight to feed your wandering jew plant, and you hope that somehow this new day will be as clear as fine ice. Your gut longs for that toothy smile again. But instead, you realize that you’re in the middle of a thick hazy cloud, and your fingertips feel a bit numb. Still, you try to shake it off and strive to see beyond the black smog. For a split second, you stop to think, “How did I even get here in the first place?” “How did I let it become this way?” As the song keeps progressing, and night takes over again, you surround yourself with lost souls who yearn for bodily affection. The music blasts louder, and the synths and percussion go into that break, and they entice you with their glorious arrangements. The music swerves all over your mind, body, and soul, until all is forgotten. When, thereafter, you regain consciousness, and look at the first gorgeous pair of almond eyes, she says to you with a familiar voice, “Esto es la flotadera.

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