Free Download: Hello Seahorse!'s "Me has olvidado" (Medic Dubstep Remix)

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Hello Seahorse!’sMe has olvidado” packs a punch all on its own, but combined with the dubstep beat of Frank el Medico, this woebegone track transforms into quite a danceable number. Something profound wants to hang from every chord and the vocals hypnotize. You get lost in this haughty, operatic free fall of Hello Seahorse! despite your will, while the slight shock of electro lifts you right back up. If you were the kid who always fell asleep to the calming rhythms of a church hymn, then maybe this track won’t be the party starter for you. However, if you’re a fan of those dingy gay bars where only the leathered queers dance in melancholy fits of rapture, then this remix of “Me has olvidado” by Frank el Medico will certainly get your t-bars flapping. Don’t resist it.

Download Frank el Medico’s dubstep take on Hello Seahorse!’s “Me has olvidado” for FREE HERE and listen below.