Video: Hello Seahorse!'s "Me has olvidado"

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Now this is a music video. On March 29th, Hello Seahorse! got their U.S. release of last year’s Lejos. No Tan Lejos. via Nacional Records. Now we have this gorgeous video for the album’s ninth track, “Me has olvidado,” an operatic-ambient tune that might be one of their best to date. The video is no exception. Directed by frequent collaborator Diego Martínez Ulanosky, the clip, coupled with the gloomy song, is sumptuous and enthralling. Taking a page from 1940s aesthetics (quellazaires, pinstripe suits, and fedoras), Ulanosky has the band stand there stoically, witnessing human suffering, as the manimal in focus struggles to escape the shackles of saran wrap. Lo Blondo’s performance both in this song and video are mesmerizing.

Watch Hello Seahorse!’s “Me has olvidado,” off the U.S. release of Lejos. No Tan Lejos., out now on iTunes.